Engineering design

Experienced in developing projects following the necessary parameters of functional design, according to user requirements applying GMP / cGMP standards. 

Apro-Tech takes into account the different flows of personnel, raw materials, packaged and finished products, as well as electricity, steam , pharmaceutical water and other industrial services focusing on a good energy saving, utilities efficiency and an increase in environment productivity.

Engineering phases

In the Conceptual engineering phase, Apro-tech compromises to deliver the following documents among others depending on the needs of our clients:

 Site Master Documentation: 

· Project Definition.

· Technical plant description following GMP design criteria:   

Critical installation and warehouse.



· Functional Requirements:

Operational data & size criteria.

Room dates conditions.

Main equipment list.

 Site Master Plus

· Layout design with flows, classification and zoning 

During the basic engineering of the project, we focus in the financial aspect of the project and details of the design depending on the sector.
Apro-tech compromises to deliver a series of documents depending on the client’s request:

  • Manufacturing equipment list and utilities, with capacities, and basic specifications.
  • Preliminary P&ID of pharmaceutical utilities.
  • Preliminary P&ID of industrial utilities.
  • Preliminary P&ID of support system requirements like CIP, SIP and effluent treatment plant
  • Piping routings of pharmaceutical utilities.
  • Piping routing of industrial utilities.
  • Preliminary reactors and vessel drawings.
  • Process piping routing.
  • Preliminary HVAC schematic drawings.
  • Position of AHU and ducting distribution in mezzanines.
  • Cut outs and punching for HVAC.
  • Electricity MCC and PCC zones distribution.
  • Distribution of electrical elements.
  • Preliminary electrical single line drawings.
  • Plumbing single line drawings.
  • Distribution of access control and door interlocks.
  • Final room book with requirement for utilities, electricity, and control system.
  • Sizing and optimization of warehouses based on stock requirements.
  • Estimation of price to develop the project in turnkey basis and contract proposal.

In this phase, we deliver to our clients the final project cost estimates according to the disciplines (Pharma & Non-Pharma Architecture, Processes, Sanitary, PCI, Compressed Air, Purified Water, Control, Electricity, HVAC…).
The preparation of the documentation in the detail engineering scope includes:

  • Final P&IDs
  • HVAC calculations and final schematic drawings
  • HVAC ducting work design, single line and double line drawings
  • Design of AHU and its specifications
  • Final utilities capacities
  • Detailed architecture for clean rooms (Vertical panel’s drawings)
  • Ceiling distribution drawings
  • Carpentry drawings
  • Pipe routings in detail
  • Plumbing in detail
  • Specification of manufacturing equipment; Technical data sheets
  • Drawing of manufacturing equipment in detail
  • Lighting design and distribution
  • Final electrical drawings
  • Cable tray trays routings
  • Firefighting system details
  • Specifications and architecture of control system required for process and environmental control

Apro-Tech focuses on the design of all these disciplines:

  • Pharmaceutical Process Installations
  • Production and Packaging equipment
  • Auxiliary utilities Installations (IS, CA, H&V W, Gases, Civil Engineering and Structure) 
  • Clean Rooms 
  • Air Systems -HVAC- 
  • Dust Collection
  • Electricity & Control
  • Fire Fighting 

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