engineering team designs under MEP criteria (Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing).

APRO-TECH carefully plans and designs the energy and technical gas installations of each plant in order to prevent conflicts between systems and optimize the production process. The solution we offer to our clients includes an efficient usable space while reducing the energy costs and the duration of construction work.

Auxiliary Industrial Facilities

APRO-TECH’s specialized technicians install and launch auxiliary industrial machinery and service facilities:

  • Cooling / heating energy including: Chillers. Boilers. Heat pumps.
  • Installation of hydraulic networks: cooling / heating water, steam.
  • Exchangers: Secondary circuits / energy recovery.
  • Electrical energy: Electrical panels and boards, regulation panels, control systems and electrical installations.
  • Pharmaceutical water / steam,
  • Hot/chilled water,
  • Compressed air (industrial/pharma), Vacuum, Nitrogen … etc. as part of Technical Gases
  • Fire safety, fire detection & suppression systems and fire prevention control panels.

 We strive to comply with the European Low Voltage Directive (CE) requirements, along with the National Electric Code (NEC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.


specialized team installs both clean and black utilities.

Clean Utilities include:

  • Purified Water, Highly Purified Water, Water for Injection
  • Clean-in-place CIP & Sterilization-in-place SIP
  • Clean Steam, Clean Compressed Air, Chilled Water systems, Cleanroom HVAC.

Black Utilities include:

  • Chilled water, cooling water, soft water, plant steam, Gas…

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