Clean Rooms

A Cleanroom is an environment with surfaces that don’t emit particles, prevent dirt accumulation and are easy to clean.

APRO-TECH offers an integral solution of cleanrooms technology, modular and flexible systems complying with international regulations.

In the pharmaceutical industry, clean room function is to ensure quality in manufacturing operations and control. These cleanrooms are subject to the standards ISO14644-1: 1999.

In microelectronics industry, it is necessary in an atmosphere production areas perfectly free from particles for the manufacture of VLSI circuits.

In food industry, particle containment and bacteriological containment are essential to ensure product quality requirements.

APRO-TECH offers a large list of cleanrooms components to prevent dirt accumulation and are easy to clean:

Purified water system

APRO-TECH provides Pre-treatment and complete generation, storage and distribution of Clean Utilities Systems (Purified Water, Highly Purified Water, Water for Injection, Clean Steam) for pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries.


Air Treatment HVAC

APRO-TECH offers HVAC solutions to provide an adequate air flow, heating and cooling to each clean area; maintaining reliably the required values of temperature, air humidity and air quality independently of fluctuations.

APRO-TECH designs comply with international regulations; EU GMP (Vol 4) / cGMP, FDA and ISO 14644 classifications.

The good design and correct selection of HVAC equipment and components has an impact over the  Indoor air quality, the energy consumption and the environment.

  • Air Handling Unit (AHU).
  • Ducts and Air Diffusion built in galvanized steel, insulated with glass fiber and metallic mesh for the inside zones, with all accessories included for the complete installation of the unit.
  • Terminal filtration boxes with HEPA filters, that are designed to meet the airflow and efficiency requirements of the semiconductor.
  • Return air grilles, constructed in anodized aluminum with manual regulation dampers and installed at the bottom or the return ducts.
  • Ceiling diffusers, distinguished by their high induction, which achieves a rapid reduction of the temperature and velocity of the impulse air.

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