APRO-TECH is glad to announce to our clients that our Air Containment division has provided lately Downflow Booths to the pharmaceutical industry.

Downflow Booths and Laminar Flow AISI 316L unit with stainless steel structure are mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide a safe working area for operators to protect them from hazardous, sensitizing, or toxic substances during manual handling of powders and solvents. They are also used to keep the sterility conditions needed and protecting the product from possible contaminations.

There are two major configurations that are used according to the application including sampling and dispensing of materials:

  • Powder operations: Generally, re-circulatory booths are the ones used
  • Solvent or fume vapors: Commonly, once-through booths are the ones recommended

Customized state-of-art equipment are available according to client’s needs and indications:

  • Closed loops for energy efficiency.
  • Led and flash mounted lighting
  • Noise control
  • Support legs, panels or curtains.
  • 21 CFR part 11 and services: commissioning, IQ/OQ.
  • Filters and parts easy to access and maintain





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